Here’s The World’s Biggest LEGO Millennium Falcon Because May The Fourth Be With You

By : Rebecca Knight |



All you need to do is turn on the TV or your laptop today to realise it may as well be national Star Wars day – in fact, given it is May 4th, it kind of is, and this epic Lego Millennium Falcon is probably the best thing about it.

Dan and Chris Steininger are championship builders and put their skills to good use as they helped 2000 Australians make the Falcon, using more than 250,000 bricks, and making it over 5 meters wide. It is absolutely amazing and they didn’t stop there, making two TIE fighters.


The fighters took 80,000 bricks each and Dan paid tribute to the volunteers who helped get it all done, claiming:

Usually models the size of the Millennium Falcon can take more than a week to build and it was thanks to the Aussie fans that we were able to build a model of this size in such a short time.


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