The ‘Gay Men Touching Things’ YouTube Experiment Has Stepped It Up A Notch

By : Ben Hayward |



A few weeks ago a video of lesbians touching penises for the first time took the Internet by storm.  

In response, the video’s creators put out the next instalment featuring gay men touching breasts for the first time.

Although hilarious, this was not what the public wanted and in a (pretty much) unified voice they said: “No, this will not do. How is a man touching a breast through a shirt the same as a woman touching a bare penis?”


They have a point. But don’t despair guys, your calls have been answered and video creators Bria and Chrissey have now released a video of gay men touching vaginas for the first time.

The pair hope that focussing on the vagina will spark discussions around women’s bodies.

Writing in the comments, Bria and Chrissy said: 

Men are allowed more sexual freedom than women. In our society, when a man has sex he’s ‘the man,’ a woman has sex she’s a slut.

We expected a lot of backlash for this video, it will be interesting to see if it gets the same attention as the ‘lesbians touch penis’ video since there are female genitals (and a topic about females as a whole) instead of a male genitals.


The men in the video were nervous, many admitted to having never seen or touched a vagina.

One was concerned: “I was born C-section, so I have never had any experience of vaginas.” While another was anxious for his own safety, saying: “Let’s hope I don’t lose a finger.”

Most people seem to have praised the video and it does look like it’s achieving its initial goal of equalising the notion of sexual freedom between men and women.


Overall, one commenter seems to have summed it up pretty well:

It’s going to start conversations about our bodies, consent, self-confidence, and so much more. Plus it was pretty amusing. lol.


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