Hidden Camera Captures Preparations For Yulin Dog Meat Festival

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Hidden Camera Captures Preparations For Yulin Dog Meat Festival Screen Shot 2015 06 22 at 11.26.56

Recently, we reported on a certain controversial festival that goes down in Yulin, China, every year and often faces mass outrage. And despite the best efforts of the internet, it seems to have gone down again this year.

Activists from the Humane Society International have filmed what they claim are live dogs for sale, at a market in southern China, during the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

The festival is apparently under way in Yulin at the minute, starting yesterday and ending today and it is expected that up to 10,000 dogs will be burned and/or drowned alive for their meat.

The following footage is believed to have captured preparations for the festival, before it opened its doors on Sunday…

One retired school teacher from Tianjin hit the headlines over the weekend when she purchased 100 dogs in order to save them from a barbaric and extremely painful death, but while this was an amazing gesture, it’s simply not enough.

Fortunately, Chinese authorities are trying to crack down on the festival and the ‘celebrations’ this year were actually held illegally.

But despite their stance, it still continues to go down and thousands of domesticated dogs continue to be stolen and slaughtered every year.

It has to stop.