Hidden Camera Shows What Cleaners Really Get Up To In Your Hotel Room

By : Sam Ridgway |



Almost every time we stay at a hotel, especially a ‘brand-name’ hotel, we leave our trust in the hands of those that clean our rooms when we’re out.

It’s just normal for us to believe that these people have respect for our privacy. However, someone recently tested this theory out in a ‘brand-named’ hotel, and what he caught on camera was actually quite eye opening.

Watch as this cleaner browses through this guy’s luggage, checks out his PS3 games, spends a good few minutes trying to log into his tablet and laptop then finally decides to do a bit of (pretty casual) cleaning.

One YouTuber said: ‘She cleaned the toilet and then touched your pillows and sheets with the same gloves. That’s more disturbing than her trying to get into the laptop.’

We’re not saying every single hotel cleaner in the world does this. There a lot of cleaners out there that understand privacy and respect boundaries.. But make sure you’re extra careful regardless.