Homer And Marge Simpson Release Video Blasting Split Rumours

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hm Homer And Marge Simpson Release Video Blasting Split RumoursWiki

Most people wouldn’t like the press reporting on their private life, and it seems TV couple Homer and Marge Simpson are no different.


The beloved couple (and yes, I know they’re fictional, but come on, this is one of the longest marriages out there) had been hit with rumours that they were on their way to splitsville in the new series of the Simpsons, but according to the couple themselves, that is far from the case.

The couple’s spokesman claimed that there was nothing to worry about and that they were ‘doing good’. Phew, thank God for that.



So there you have it Simpsons fans, there may be a couple of road bumps but all is good in Springfield for now – and you’ve even been invited down to Moe’s for a beer to check things out for yourselves.