Homophobic Man Attacks Other Man For Wearing Pink Shirt

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Homophobic Man Attacks Other Man For Wearing Pink Shirt Screen Shot 2014 10 27 at 15.10.50 2

A seemingly intoxicated dude in Dallas Airport got a little upset over the colour of another man’s shirt. So upset, in fact, that he physically attacked him.

The video uploaded by Youtuber Andrew Kennedy shows the confrontation escalating from distant abuse to an out and out assault.

When a dude in a cowboy hat steps up and asks what’s the matter with him, he responds with “Queers is what I’m upset about!” before kicking the guy in the pink shirt.

As the poor dude bend over from the force of the kick, he then clocks an unprovoked punch to the back of the head, before the good folk of Dallas step in and take the homophobe out.

He’s tackled to the ground and restrained before police officer’s show up and cuff him.

He then lets off a tirade as two black officers deal with him: “You want me to tell you the reason why I did? Because this is America. That’s why. The same reason you get to live, to breathe, to walk black. And you know what I’m talking about.”

He was arrested, but his identity was not released.