How Quickly Did YOU Spot The Child Drowning In This Video?

By : Alex Bentley |



What looks like a page from a Where’s Wally? book is actually a potentially life threatening situation. Were you as quick as this lifeguard to spot the danger?

Lifeguards don’t just sit on a high chair blowing a whistle every time you bomb, push your mates in, or engage in heavy petting. They are actually there to save lives.

This video has popped up on YouTube, showing the fast lifesaving reactions of a lifeguard at a wavepool, and it’s incredible.

The busy pool is filled with people, floats and inflatables, so keeping a watchful eye on everything and everybody is a difficult but important task.

The lifeguard in this video reacts in seconds when a kid get’s into trouble. I had to rewind the video back to watch it again to see the incident and just how quickly she responded.

Fair play to the girl, she is GREAT at her job!


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