Hustle Simmons Takes On 3 Of Bleu Davinci’s People In Stage Brawl At SXSW

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Hustle Simmons Takes On 3 Of Bleu Davincis People In Stage Brawl At SXSW tfgbhnjmk1

We’ve all heard rappers going on about how tough they and their crew are. The thing is, they need to back it up.


Bleu DaVinci’s crew got into an altercation with Hustle Simmons at SXSW, and when one of them landed a cheap shot on him, it turned into a stage-brawl.


Thing is though, Hustle Simmons more than held his own. Bleu Davinci’s boys only threw punches when he wasn’t looking or was already being held. And even then, they were pathetic.

Pulling his hair… Suckerpunching… Hitting him then backing away… NOT the way things are supposed to be done!

Props to Hustle Simmons, he took on three guys at once, stood his ground, and came out on top!

[Via Shock Mansion]