Impatient Driver Shockingly Breaks Driving Instructor’s Elbow In Road Rage Attack

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UNILAD learner driver rage WEB6 Impatient Driver Shockingly Breaks Driving Instructors Elbow In Road Rage AttackChris Barnett/BNPS

Most of us can probably sympathise with being a 17-year-old nervous learner driver unsure of what they’re doing in a car. However, there will always be that one impatient d*ckhead with no thought for anyone other than themselves.

Even so, this particular road rage incident in Essex escalated pretty outrageously!


When young novice Conner George struggled to pull away at a busy junction, one guy in a white Range Rover in traffic behind him decided to give him some unhelpful encouragement by beeping his horn loudly.

Moments later the 4×4 actually pulled up in front of them and the furious driver and a passenger began to shout obscenities at instructor and student, all despite the fact that Chris Barnett, 64, repeatedly told the raging guy that the exchange was being video-recorded on his dash cam.


The shocking incident ended in nasty injury for Barnett when he opened the door to get out the car and this idiot actually slammed the door on him, breaking the instructor’s elbow.

Mr Barnett, who passed the footage to police, said:

I’ve never had an incident this bad before. This guy was being really aggressive but his attitude changed a bit as soon as I let him know he was on camera. He threatened to break my fingers off. Then an older guy got out of the car and was waving his fist at me through the window.

I opened the door just to make it obvious I was not prepared to put up with it. I told them I was going to call the police and one of the guys slammed the door on my arm.

UNILAD learner driver rage WEB 25 Impatient Driver Shockingly Breaks Driving Instructors Elbow In Road Rage AttackChris Barnett/BNPS

Essex Police said a 39-year-old man was interviewed over the incident but nobody had been charged and, remarkably, they were no longer investigating the matter.

This is ridiculous. Sometimes people really need to take a second and think back to how difficult it was when they first learned to drive!


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