Incredible Moment College Student Defies Odds And Walks At Graduation

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Incredible Moment College Student Defies Odds And Walks At Graduation 1139

This is Chris Norton, a high school football player who suffered a severe spinal cord injury during a game back in 2010. He was told he would never walk again.

However, Norton was determined to defy those odds, and never stopped rehabbing. And in an interview last year, he also made a promise: That he would walk across the graduation stage, in front of his entire school. Well, that time came recently.

In front of his entire graduating class of 2015, friends, family and school staff, Chris took to the stage – and with the help of his girlfriend Emily Summers – he walked across that very stage and collected his diploma.

Speaking about the special moment, Chris said:

It was like my gameday. I was in the zone, focusing on what I needed to do and not worrying about anyone or anything else.

I didn’t think it’d be so emotional. The energy in the room was really unbelievable, and it meant everything to have (Emily) there with me. It was the best weekend of my life. She’s the most incredible person I’ve ever met, and to share it with her, the woman I’m in love with, it couldn’t be any better.

But that’s not where the night, or weekend, ended. Because after graduation, Chris had something planned for Emily.

On their way home, he made sure they stopped at their favourite restaurant to “pick up some grub”, but little did Emily know, he’d had “Will you marry me?” laid out in candles with their favourite song playing out in the background.

She said yes, obviously. And we can’t be happier for them. Hats off, Chris!