Instagram Star With 70-Inch Bum Insists Curves Are Real In Video

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A photo posted by Raylynn (@love.randalin) on

There’s a pretty good chance you have never seen an ass like this.

Body positive Instagram star Raylynn regularly uploads photos of her 70-inch behind, and she’s often accused of using Photoshop to make it look bigger.

But Raylynn, from Atlanta, Georgia, has a got a message for the critics accusing her ass of being fake – simply, it’s not.

And a new video proves it. Viewed over 133,000 times, the footage proves her doubters wrong.

The video hits back at critics and proves to them that her large backside is, in fact, all natural.

Comments on Raylynn’s photos have referenced that her body shape may be the result of lymphoedema, a condition that is caused by a build up of fluid in the tissues, causing them to swell. But Raylynn is yet to confirm or deny this.

As of right now, she’s just a girl with a 70-inch ass who is extremely proud of it.

A photo posted by Raylynn (@love.randalin) on

Describing herself as a top ‘PAWG’ – ‘phat ass white girl’ – Raylynn isn’t afraid to poke fun at her figure, and has even made her unusually large backside a business opportunity.

Her website, Love Randalin, offers fans the chance to see more of her videos and photos for a monthly subscription of $11.99 (£8.00) a month. Don’t be fooled though, while there are no doubt some butt-obsessed weirdos subscribing to her site, it’s not porn.

And, according to Raylynn, she’ll never get into the porn industry.

Instead, she remains confident on Instagram and often posts body positive pictures, once quoting: “Hate only affects those who let it affect them.”

So there you have it, 70-inch asses exist. And Raylynn has one.