Internet In Space Is Worse Than Dial Up Apparently

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space web Internet In Space Is Worse Than Dial Up ApparentlyInternational space station

Have you ever wondered if there is internet in space? Well now you can have the answer, and with a spokesman for NASA revealing all.


The internet was introduced in space five years ago to stop feelings of isolation for astronauts, and allow them to keep in contact with friends and family and watch TV shows and sports to pass the time.

David Steitz claimed:


They have laptop computers, including one in their personal sleeping quarters, which they can use for limited web access — email, tweeting, and news.

They also have tablets on-board they can use for various operational tasks, but also video conferences with family and friends on the ground.

dial up Internet In Space Is Worse Than Dial Up ApparentlyThe Drum

When astronauts were asked about internet in space, they certainly did not mince their words when telling people how bad it actually was. Apparently, there is internet, but it leaves a fair bit to be desired – and that is being generous.

It is good enough to answer questions over Twitter though, and there is email, so it can’t be all bad.