iPhone Falls To The Bottom Of The Ocean And Records The Whole Thing

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iPhone Falls To The Bottom Of The Ocean And Records The Whole Thing iphone ocean WEB

An indestructable iPhone which was lost at sea incredibly managed to capture its entire journey on film.

Gregory Papadin, from San Diego, California, was swimming in the ocean when his iPhone 5 got loose and plunged to the bottom of the ocean.

Luckily for Greg, the captain of the ship dived down and managed to find the wayward smartphone and return it to its owner.

But, even more remarkably, the phone’s camera actually kept working underwater and recorded its descent into the abyss.

Greg said:

My brother tried throwing my phone to me. It ended up going straight underwater and sank to the bottom of the ocean floor. Luckily, it ended with the camera up and recorded the whole thing.

The underwater pressure was too much for both my brother and I to swim and get it. But the owner of the boat we rented was able to reduce the pressure using a special breathing method meant for diving. He was able to retrieve it, and my phone managed to survive the whole ordeal.

The resulting video is pretty trippy, with fish and people seen swimming overhead as a bright light shimmers in the distance.

Unfortunately, there are no sightings of mermaids or clown fish looking for their lost children, but the video is pretty fascinating nonetheless.