Is Squirting Sexy Or Disgusting? We’re Still None The Wiser After This Video

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Is Squirting Sexy Or Disgusting? Were Still None The Wiser After This Video squirting WEB

Squirting: it’s the great sex mystery of our generation.

Just about every guy claims they’ve made a girl do it, while there are plenty of women who reckon it’s happened to them and others who are just utterly baffled by the whole concept.

I mean, it definitely is a thing. A NSFW Google search will confirm that beyond any doubt. The problem is, nobody is entirely sure what exactly it is (we think it’s something to do with the ever elusive G-spot) or whether it’s actually sexy or not.

Well, Elite Daily have attempted to get to the bottom of this whole female ejaculation thing and asked a bunch of people what their thoughts on squirting are.

Naturally, some guys love it and some don’t, while most are just trying to figure out whether it’s pee or not.

We’re not too sure about the woman who thinks that all girls who can perform the mysterious act should put “squirting” on their CV though. Although it’d certainly be a conversation starter at a job interview…