Jeremy Kyle Foursome Who Can’t Stop Shagging And Scrapping Removed From Stage

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Jeremy Kyle Foursome Who Cant Stop Shagging And Scrapping Removed From Stage jeremy kyle sex 1ITV

Four guests who can’t stop having sex with each other had to be physically removed from the Jeremy Kyle show stage after they wouldn’t stop trying to fight each other.

The feisty foursome have already appeared on the show twice in one week and, apparently, this lot are both lovers and fighters as security staff were forced to intervene in their latest appearance on the show.

Steve and the rest of the security staff had their hands full with this bunch, and even Jeremy Kyle himself had to step in at one point and prevent one of the female guests from jumping her ex.

It got so heated that things spilled backstage, like something out of a pro-wrestling hardcore brawl, with Sarah, Richard, Kirstie and Jamie continuing to fight it out as the audience watched the behind-the-curtain footage on the screen.

And, as if that wasn’t escalation enough, the host actually had to ban the group from chatting about their sexual exploits after the charming Jamie stated, “The reason we split up is because [Sarah] wanted me to **** and **** on her”. Crikey!

The confused and exasperated host eventually gave up trying to figure out why they were all having it away with each other and simply told them, “Why don’t you just all get a job and stop having sex?”

Jeremy Kyle Foursome Who Cant Stop Shagging And Scrapping Removed From Stage jeremy kyle sex 2ITV

Speaking directly to Sarah and Kirstie, he added:

It’s not something to be proud of. You seem to have slept with everyone here apart from Graham and me. Don’t you think that if you set the bar higher as ladies, women, whatever? You’re standing here proudly saying I’ve had sex with him? How did we get to this? Why don’t you two get rid of these hangers on, and try and raise the standards of your life. The only advice I can give you is stop sleeping around.

The former friends didn’t seem too keen on reuniting and, to the surprise of nobody, it was confirmed after the episode aired that the group are no longer speaking to each other. It’s probably for the best…