John Oliver Loses FIFA Bet, Has To Eat Entire McDonald’s Pound Menu

By : Rebecca KnightTwitterLogo

John Oliver Loses FIFA Bet, Has To Eat Entire McDonalds Pound Menu mcd webScoop Nest

You know those bets you make, then end up losing and seriously wish you’d never agreed to it in the first place?

Yeah, well John Oliver is right there with you after losing the bet he made about football’s corrupt governing body, FIFA, and agreeing that if he lost, he would eat the entire McDonald’s pound saver menu.

Oliver just did not see Sepp Blatter being ousted as president, and after that happened, he followed through on his deal to not only eat the pound saver menu, but also to wear horrendous Adidas sneakers and down a Bud Light Lime.

Obviously the ‘Last Week Tonight’ show host was recorded doing the forfeits, and it is as good to watch as you might imagine.


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