Jonah Hill Won’t Talk To French Press After This Awkward Sexual Interview

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Turns out Jonah Hill can’t take a joke as well as he can write them.

The Wolf of Wall Street actor got a dose of his own medicine live on French television when his interviewer graphically described her sexual fantasies, which featured Jonah heavily.

…Up to a point, as you can see below.

One of the Le Grand Journal presenters – multi-talented Ornella Fleury who also reads the weather – told Jonah she’d had a crush on him ever since she saw him ‘sodomised by a three-metre tall demon in This Is The End‘.

Jonah didn’t seem too happy about the revelation, but things turned particularly icy after Fleury continued to snub Jonah for his famous friends, Brad Pitt and Leonard DiCaprio.

While Fleury’s comments were pretty savage, we thought Jonah was the kind of stand up guy who could take this sort of playful teasing on the chin.

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With not a witty retort in sight, Jonah simply looked uncomfortable and lost for words.

He did manage the following:

I’m so glad I came on this show to get ridiculed by the local weather girl.

While it’s fair game to call Fleury out on her cruel joke, his comment does smack of superiority complex. We’re not sure whether it was the snub that upset the Jonah or that he was mocked by someone he considered below him in the pecking order – especially now that he’s a big Hollywood movie star promoting his serious film, War Dogs.

The interview gives rise to some contentious questions about gender and sexual harassment. Perhaps viewers’ response to Fleury’s comments would have been very different if the gender roles were reversed.

Fleury has since apologised for her behaviour, saying she felt ‘over-familiar’ with the actor after seeing him in so many films, reports the Independent.

Jonah may be well within his rights to be royally ticked off, but to cancel all interviews in France as a consequence seems childish to me.