Katy Perry Releases ‘Totally Nude’ Video

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Earlier today we reported that Katy Perry was going to release a naked video and she just has – but there’s a catch, of course.

Posting on Twitter, the singer uploaded a short clip of her encouraging everyone to vote no matter how they look at the polling station – whether it be looking like a ‘hunk in child’s briefs’ or ‘covered in slime’.

Katy proceeds to say that you can even vote in the nip before tearing her clothes off and throwing them to the ground – but unfortunately for every hapless pervert that clicked on this article and has probably stopped reading by now, there’s a massive black box protecting her dignity.

Shortly after posing nude, the star gets arrested by two cops who urge her to thoroughly read the constitution.

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Katy posted the two minute ‘naked’ video in an attempt to ‘change the world’ by persuading people to vote, hopefully for Hillary.

In the run up to the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, Katy has been incredibly vocal about her support for Hillary over social media.

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When she was asked what topics she was looking forward to hearing most about during last night’s first debate between Clinton and The Donald – she replied ‘national security, gun control, police reform, excess incarceration and woman’s rights’.

The ‘totally nude’ clip makes for one hell of an interesting watch – but I don’t think her video will be changing the world any time soon…


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