Kendrick Lamar Gets A Kid Up On Stage With Him, And It Gets WILD

By : Alex Bentley |



Kendrick Lamar has just released his second album, ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’, and it is getting huge applause from critics and fans alike. But it seems not everybody is impressed.

While on stage in Texas, Kendrick Lamar noticed that amongst the sea of people waving their hands, singing along, and filming on their phone, there was a kid stood still, arms folded, staring him in the eyes looking unimpressed. Kendrick even says he looks like he wants to battle him.

So he gets the kid up on stage, and the two go at it.

The lad, named Kyle, goes wild on the mic and gasses Kendrick up, with him even saying:

This n*gga just bodied me on my own motherfucking shit!


I wonder if we’ll see anything more of Kyle?