Kids Give Both Entertaining And Insightful Thoughts On Gay Marriage

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Kids Give Both Entertaining And Insightful Thoughts On Gay Marriage kids gay WEB

Those who voice objections to marriage equality often protest that the issue will force them to have uncomfortable conversations with their children about the issue.

So, after same-sex marriage was legalised across the U.S, Jimmy Kimmel and his team decided to put that to the test.

In a segment for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, a reporter hit the street and asked young tourists on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for their opinions on gay marriage.

In his introduction to the clip, Kimmel said:

As you know, the Supreme Court decision on Friday in favour of same-sex marriage is controversial. Some people just don’t like it, they don’t believe in it, they don’t think it’s right. And one of the most common arguments that you hear is, ‘How do I explain this to my kids?’

At the very least, it’s a fair question. You wonder if kids are sophisticated enough to wrap their head around something like this. So we went out on the street today to ask kids what they think and what they know.

And, judging from these responses, some parents really haven’t been giving their kids enough credit.

Not only do most of the children in the clip know exactly what same-sex marriage is, they understand it and they’re comfortable with it.

Naturally, many of the kids’ literal responses are hilarious, but there’s also some really insightful thinking here that some adults could learn from.

Also, we wholly agree with the boy who believes the best time for two people to get married is “in the afternoon”. Spot on.


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