Kids Show Rainbow ‘Used Hidden Messages To Homosexualise Children’

By : Kieron Curtis |



A British pastor has claimed online that children’s TV show Rainbow was used as a tool to spread the ‘homosexual agenda’.

Daniel Erickson-Hull runs the End Times News Ministry YouTube channel, going by the name Pastor D, and has uploaded a video analysis of Rainbow‘s opening credits.

Erickson-Hull tells viewers to focus on the lyrics of the theme tune, with the line “paint the whole world with a rainbow” of particular importance.

Check it out.

It all seems pretty ridiculous, but the video has caused a war of words between YouTubers who do and don’t believe Pastor D’s theory.

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According to the video’s description Pastor D was once a youth worker in London, eventually becoming ordained as a pastor in the year 2000.

Having moved back to London he became a technical officer for a local council, but in November of this year he lost that job “due to the content of this channel”.

Well it isn’t the first time Rainbow has had to face accusations of being inappropriate.

Who would have thought Zippy would turn out to be so evil? We are truly in the end times.