KitKats Are Changing Their Name to ‘YouTube Breaks’

By : Rebecca KnightTwitterLogo


KitKats Are Changing Their Name to YouTube Breaks kitkat

As someone who eats so many KitKats I actually buy them in bulk on a monthly basis from the wholesalers, to hear that my all time favourite chocolate bar is changing its name was a bit of a shock.

Upon closer inspection of the Facebook links and numerous text messages I received from my friends when the news broke, I breathed a sigh of relief as I discovered that KitKat aren’t actually changing their name for good, rather teaming up with Google which will also see KitKat sponsorship on YouTube – hence the 600,000 ‘YouTube Break’ bars that will be hitting shelves soon.

KitKats Are Changing Their Name to YouTube Breaks kitkat1

There will also be ones like ‘Coffee Break’ and ‘Rainy Day Break’ which, to me, is the perfect excuse to have multiple KitKats throughout the day until each and every new packet has been sampled.


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