Lad Catches Best Mate’s Wife Cheating, Films It For The World To See

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Lad Catches Best Mates Wife Cheating, Films It For The World To See 243

Nobody likes a cheat. It’s common knowledge. So when this guy was asked by his best mate to go and check on his wife after being suspicious about her, he did just that.

And boy did this guy score for his friend. Not only did he find out she in fact was cheating on his best mate (who he was also best man for at THEIR wedding), he actually managed to catch her in the act, at a bar, with a bartender. Classy. He keeps his cool pretty well while filming the whole thing too, which we have to applaud him for.

According to a couple of reports, the couple married last year, and this wasn’t the first time she had cheated on him. Obviously, he was too in love with her to finish things the first time but we hope this incident was enough to send her packing. Now the whole world know she’s a cheating (you may fill in the blank).