Lad Goes On Ballache Trip From Sheffield To Essex Via Berlin To Save A Few Quid

By : Alex Mays |


With our generation facing economic misery and a student loan that we’ll probably never actually pay off, we’re all looking to save a bit of money.

But this guy definitely took it to the extreme!

Meet Jordon Cox. The cost-conscious teen needed to get from Sheffield to Essex, but the train was pretty damn expensive. So he did what any rational person would do and decided to go via Berlin to save a grand total of… eight quid.

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Sure, it’s only an extra 1,017 miles, but I’m sure it was worth it. You could use that money to buy a takeaway with change to spare, that’s what I call a win win.

The 18-year-old found that the cheapest one-way ticket from Sheffield to Shenfield, Essex was £47 – a bit steep.

But, after a bit of digging he found out that he could spend £4 on a train from Sheffield to Derby, £4.20 on a bus from Derby to East Midlands Airport, followed by a cheap flight to Berlin (£11.83) and another flight back to Stansted (£9.54), and £8 on a bus ride home.

All in all, it only came to £37.57.

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Blogging about his money saving adventure for MoneySavingExpert, he admitted that it wasn’t the most environmentally friendly way to travel, but it gave him the chance to save money (although not much) and visit a city he’d always wanted to go to.

He added that his technique would not suit everyone (no shit) as it means an entire day of travelling, but if ‘your focus is saving money and you fancy a little walk around a European city, it’s worth a look’.

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Thanks, but no thanks pal.


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