Lad Sings ‘Bring Him Home’ To His Brain Damaged Brother

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Lad Sings Bring Him Home To His Brain Damaged Brother 133

Brotherly love is alive and well, if this pair have anything to do with it.

Watch as Mark McMullan sings ‘Bring Him Home’ to his brother at his local in Crossgar, County Down.

His Brother is Declan, and since 2012 he has been severely brain damaged after suffering a cardiact arrest at home. He spent over a year in hospital before returning home to be cared for by his family, but as a result of the brain damage, the 22-year-old now suffers from ‘Locked in Syndrome’.

Declan is unable to eat, speak, move or even see and is confined to a wheelchair at all times. To communicate with his family, he blinks to the letters of the alphabet in order to form words. Luckily, he can do this with ease as his hearing is fully intact.

Declan has a very long way to go and his family take his recovery one day at a time, forever hoping his improvement will continue. And with a brother like Mark, it makes it that much easier.

Amazing stuff.