These Lads Read Their Friend’s Text Messages To Their Girlfriends

By : Sam RidgwayTwitterLogo


These Lads Read Their Friends Text Messages To Their Girlfriends Screen Shot 2015 02 10 at 17.05.44 2

Don’t deny it. You’ve sent some soppy sh*t to your girlfriend in the past that you’d rather nobody else read but yourself.

It’s just a natural reaction. Your intimate communications with your other half should be kept private. That is unless those conversations contain the level of charisma only a blank A4 sheet of paper possesses. In which case, the world needs to see those texts so you can be given a reality check.

But swiftly moving on, Elite Daily have just put out a video harnessing pretty much everything I’ve just babbled on about. A bunch of men, reading their mate’s text messages to their missus, while they stand directly next to each other. This could get awkward…