Look At The World’s Largest Pitbull. He Is One Big Lad

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Look At The Worlds Largest Pitbull. He Is One Big Lad Worlds Biggest Pitbull 620x349 e1423316441373

I thought this picture was photoshopped, until I saw the video.

Meet ‘The Hulk’. You probably don’t need an explanation for his nickname.

This beast is the World’s Largest Pitbull, weighing in at a whopping 78kgs, just over 12 stone. It’s unreal to think that at just 17 months, he’s very likely to keep on growing.

Pitbulls are unfortunately banned in the UK (which is something I am majorly against, but won’t go on about it here), so it is unlikely you will bump into anything quite like #the #Hulk when you’re walking your chihuahua down the park.

Dogs are a man’s best friend… and man has some BIG friends!