‘Love Is In The Air’ In This Advert Of Couples Jumping Naked

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Love Is In The Air In This Advert Of Couples Jumping Naked TN162

If I worked in advertising, this is probably the kind of thing I’d come up with.

Naked people jumping in slow motion.

VH1 released their advert for dating show ‘Dating Naked’ on July 14th, which also happened to be National Nude Day. I doubt that was a great coincidence.

Celebrating love in all forms, there are couple of all ages and sexual orientations, jumping around naked. In slow motion.

It’s SFW though, because the people’s naughty bit’s have been blurred, presumably to make the advert viewable on more platforms than just YouPorn! It’s a bit disappointing, really. It does feel a little bit like the show should be called Dating Blurred. Not from a pervy point of view, but it would have made the ad a lot funnier if people’s bits were flapping around in super slow-mo, full HD glory.

Titled ‘Love Is In The Air’ (see what they did there?), the video is just over a minute long, and includes silly string. So what isn’t there to like?

Series 2 of Dating Naked, dubbed ‘Playing For Keeps’, is launching soon on VH1.

I might apply, to be honest.


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