Lucky Escape For Mum And Her Two Kids As Manhole Explodes

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Lucky Escape For Mum And Her Two Kids As Manhole Explodes TN112

This would have been terrifying!

I’m a pretty jumpy person. I shrieked like a wimp in the cinema watching Woman In Black 2 and not just because it was shite.

This isn’t a horror film, but would have scared the absolute life out of me.

A woman is with her two young kids using a cashpoint in Northampton, when just a couple of yards away there is a big explosion from a manhole cover.It was loud enough to have been heard two miles away.

The CCTV footage of the incident show the explosion, which brought down the nearby shop sign, almost hitting the young lad on the head.

Paramedics arrived on the cene and treated the mother, but there were luckily no serious injuries.

Sela Rajesh Kumar, 28, runs the newsagent next to the explosion.

My brothers were working at the time when they heard this almighty bang that shook the foundations of the shop.

They thought a bomb had gone off. It was very frightening. When we looked at the footage we could not believe how lucky the family were .

They came in later that day and I showed them the footage. They left the shop a different colour than they came in.

They were OK though, quite shaken but just glad to be alive.

They were very lucky, they were literally just a few feet away and could have been a very different outcome if they were standing a couple of yards to their left.

Nothing has ever happened like this before. It was very scary.

A Northamptonshire Fire Service spokesperson said that the cause of the explosion was an electrical fault in an underground box.


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