Man Finds Pigeon In Chimney, Pigeon Is A Lad, Man Gets Totally Embarrassed

By : Rebecca Knight |


pigeon web 1

Do pretty much anything amusing or embarrassing these days and it’s probably going to end up on YouTube or at the very least Facebook.

Sadly for one guy, that is exactly what happened to him, after footage emerged of him finding a pigeon in his chimney and promptly trying to scare said rat with wings away.

To say things didn’t go to plan would be a pretty big understatement, with the guy ending up being stared down by the pigeon and doing the worst impression of being the man of the house that he could have.

Really, this video should 100% be renamed ‘How Not To Get A Pigeon Out Of The House’, because the guy is a total embarrassment to himself and the pigeon, who probably feels sorry for him.