Man Is Attacked After Live Streaming Awful Act

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Man Is Attacked After Live Streaming Awful Act stream1LiveLeak

Warning: Distressing Content

A man accused of live streaming himself abusing dogs to thousands of viewers online has now been filmed being brutally beaten by a vengeful mob.

The incident took place in the Shiling township of Chengdu, China, according to The Sun, and was carried out by animal lovers who wanted the man to pay for his alleged crimes.

He was reportedly lured to a hired room where the mob stripped him and beat him, before then dragging him into the street and filming the prolonged attack.

Reports suggest the man cannot be charged for abusing the stray animals, although it’s claimed authorities are analysing the disgusting content he’s accused of publishing online.

The incident was brought to an end after concerned residents called police. The authorities then transported the man to hospital to receive treatment for his injuries.

The mob too are said to be under investigation, but as yet no arrests have been confirmed.

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What a horrendously fucked up situation.