Man Runs Over 1000 Miles In Memory Of Young Lad Who Died

By : Rebecca Knight |



Ewan Gordon, from Bicester, ran the entire length of Great Britain for charity – with a twist.

He ran 1,050 miles, which is the same as 42 back-to-back marathons, and it was all done dressed as Forrest Gump, running 26 miles a day for 42 days from John O’Groats to Lands End and all in memory of a young lad who died from Cockayne Syndrome.

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He claimed:

People just think it’s really funny and a lot of people just shout ‘run Forrest run.

I haven’t got a single blister — your body just gets used to running that far every day.

So far, he has managed to raise £9,000 for his various chosen charities, including Amy & Friends Cockayne Support Group and Helen & Douglas House.

He also claimed that until a cure for Cockayne Syndrome is found, he will not stop running – and given the idea to run dressed as Forrest Gump originally came from a bet, it says a lot about Gordon that he is determined enough to carry on in memory of 9-year-old Thomas Laurie.

Amazing stuff.