Man Tries To Revive ‘FHRITP’, Reporter Is Having None Of It

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Man Tries To Revive FHRITP, Reporter Is Having None Of It FHRITP WEB

Remember the whole “F*ck her right in the pussy” thing? Well, this guy does, although he didn’t choose the best moment to try and bring it back.

While being interviewed prior to Toronto FC’s game on Sunday, one overenthusiastic fan decided to yell the infamous phrase down the interviewer’s microphone.

And CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt was not happy.

She paused the broadcast to confront the man and his mates about their behaviour, asking them, “You would humiliate me on live television?”

The men then rather clumsily explained their actions, saying, “I don’t care, it is f*cking hilarious!”

Hunt shared the video on Twitter and received plenty of support for calling out the guys.

I think it’s safe to say that this joke backfired quite spectacularly! FHRITP is pretty last year, though, so we’re not surprised.