Man’s Proposal Rejected Because He Has A Small Penis



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This is Patrick Moote, the man who went down on one knee only to be rejected because his penis is too small.

Patrick found out the devastating reason for his rejection when he asked his ex why she rejected him in front of a live basketball audience. She told him he was “too small for her”.

When asked on This Morning why he decided to go public with this humiliating story he said: “It’s how I’ve dealt with my insecurities my entire life. It seemed like a natural way to deal with it.”


He was on the show promoting his documentary Unhung Hero, that was released in America last year. The film shows him travelling the world testing out penis enlargement procedures.

Patrick now has no insecurities about his manhood size and is happy to spread the news in order to help other people in his situation.

Although I doubt anyone will ever be as humiliated as he was. Fair play to him!

Watch his rejection below: