Marco Pierre White Jr Records Bizarre Drugs And Sex Bender On Snapchat

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Marco Pierre White Jr Records Bizarre Drugs And Sex Bender On Snapchat mpw snapchat FBSnapchat

Infamous former Big Brother contestant Marco Pierre White Jr has once again taken to Snapchat to record his bizarre drugs and sex antics for the world to see.

However, these latest Snapchat vids have left many viewers seriously concerned for Pierre White Jr’s health and wellbeing, as he filmed himself on a 24-hour bender, during which he appeared to snort drugs and have sex with a woman in a hotel room, the Mirror reports.

The borderline disturbing footage appears to show Marco’s behaviour becoming increasingly erratic as the night continues, as he throws money over himself, dances around the room, and constantly bursts into fits of hysterical laughter.

In one grainy clip, his lady friend appears to be giving him oral sex and in another Snapchat clip she can be seen posing nude with her legs open on camera, with just one hand covering her modesty.

Marco can be seen joking with a friend about ordering room service and bragging about their huge hotel bill before pouring champagne on the floor, and later asks his fans if anybody wants to join him in getting ‘fucked up’.

The next day, he joked outside a bar about nearly hitting someone in the face with a champagne bottle by accident, before heading back to the hotel room again to trash it.

While it may be tempting to watch this seedy footage and once again condemn Marco Pierre White Jr and his antics, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the guy needs to seek help.

Clearly, Pierre White Jr’s brief stint in rehab didn’t work and it’s quite distressing to see a guy fall of the rails again and be so clearly messed up by addiction. We hope this guy can find the help he needs.