Mark Wahlberg Hands Homeless Man In Wheelchair $100 In Epic Act

By : Rebecca Knight |


mark w

At times, celebrities can be total d*cks, so it makes a refreshing change to see one behave like a pretty decent human being.

The honour of nicest celebrity of the day goes to Mark Wahlberg, who handed out $100 to a wheelchair bound dude who was also homeless. The actor was out for dinner at E. Baldi with his wife and some friends and while 99% of people would have probably ignored the dude, Wahlberg not only acknowledged him but also gave him a fairly decent amount of cash.


It’s all well and good to say that he has pots of money, and can afford to do it, but the fact of the matter is that hardly anyone actually does – and that simple act of kindness has probably made a huge difference to the fella, with Wahlberg already a long time supporter of the Good Shepherd Centre that works to help homeless women and children, even being honoured by the centre in 2012.

Clearly he is carrying on his good work.