Marnie Simpson Really Pissed People Off By Sucking Off A Banana

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Marnie Simpson Really Pissed People Off By Sucking Off A Banana cbb marnie 1Channel 5

If you watch the soul-destroying TV show that is Celebrity Big Brother, you’ll be familiar with Marnie Simpson’s latest unfortunate antics.

The Geordie Shore ‘star’ pretty much summed up how the world is becoming increasingly fucked up if people like her are constantly allowed to be paraded on television.

Marnie – who is in mourning after Lewis Bloor (and her storyline) was evicted on Friday night – decided to give an impromptu sex-ed lesson to her housemates, which saw her sucking on a large piece of fruit.

I think it’s important to note that no one actually asked her to suck off a banana – she volunteered to do it herself.

After discussing blowjobs and claiming women should give them to their partners several times a week, Marnie took it upon herself to give her housemates a demonstration.

She grabbed the banana, telling the housemates: “I’ll show you mine.”

And while fellow housemates didn’t hesitate to tell Marnie she was skilled, viewers didn’t find it as amusing:

If it wasn’t already clear that Marnie would literally do anything for a millisecond of fame, it probably is now.

Her antics come just weeks after she ‘bullied’ fellow housemate Saira Khan by flashing her boobs in Khan’s face. She’s also managed to shock viewers with some heavy petting in the shower and allowing love interest Lewis to simulate a sex act on her leg.

I think we can all agree in saying that Celebrity Big Brother has just shown us another fine example of how this soul-destroying TV show is only spiralling from bad to worse.