Misguided Video On Luring Drunk Girls Into Strangers’ Cars Is Creepy AF

By : Jamie RobertsTwitterLogo

Misguided Video On Luring Drunk Girls Into Strangers Cars Is Creepy AF UNILAD Untitled 123YouTube/Joey Salads

A creepy video has been uploaded to YouTube showing how easy it is to abduct drunk women.

Joey Salads drives around in a nice car, inviting girls who’ve just left a bar to an after party. After they get in the car he tells them there is no party, and that he is recording them for a social experiment.

Salads then asks why they got in, they say because he ‘seemed nice’, he ‘had a nice car’, and that he ‘was cute’.

At the beginning of the clip he reminds viewers that in another video he, in his words, “showed you how easy it is to roofie [date rape] a girl at a bar.”

And he finishes by saying: “As you can see from this video it’s very easy to abduct women who are intoxicated leaving a bar or the club.”

The videos are pretty creepy, and the way he casually says the above quotes makes them seem more like a how-to-guide for sexual predators than an educational guide for woman to help avoid these situations.

And his videos, whatever his intentions, do show people who might be inclined to rape or abduct girls how easy it might be. This is bad, very bad.

They also blame the victim – because they looked away from their drink for a brief second, or trusted someone enough to get in their car – rather than the fucked up people who perpetrate the crimes.

It suggests most women are irresponsible with their safety when in reality most can quite clearly judge how dangerous situations like these are for themselves, and act accordingly.

While it is necessary to highlight the importance of being vigilant in situations like this, these videos are definitely more creepy than helpful.