MMA Fighter Sh*ts Himself After Being Choked Out During Bout

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MMA Fighter Sh*ts Himself After Being Choked Out During Bout UNILAD fighter shit 15

We’ve seen some sh*t performances inside the cage in our time but never quite this literally!

This heavyweight fighter lost control of one very important bodily function after he was on the receiving end of a one-sided beating.

At ‘Ruckus in the Cage’ in West Virginia, Travis Wolford ate a heck of a lot of hammer fists from opponent Daniel Cooper, before being choked out in a guillotine and forced to tap. However, when Wolford got back to his feet, the mat was stained with his turds.

And, yeah, the footage is pretty grim – definitely not one for the squeamish! We really hope they cleaned the mat thoroughly before allowing any more fighters back in there!

It’s tough to say who was more horrified by the whole thing – Wolford himself, his opponent (who backs away pretty sharpish), or the audience (one woman can be heard saying: “I think I’m going to throw up”).

Writing on Facebook, Christopher MacCorkle Smith, the promoter of the event, said:

Everyone is still talking about it. Never seen anything this gross in my entire career of promoting fights but sh*t happens and could happen to anyone. Daniel Cooper literally beat the crap out of ‘The Brown Bomber’ Travis Wolford in Ruckus in the Cage in Beckley Oct. 3. Before the fights started he went to Chili Night and ate some hot chili. During his bout he had a colossal explosion where chili beans and everything he ate landed all over the mat. Says he instantly lost 15 pounds…. Plans on fighting November 13 in Summersville to prove that it was just an accident. Any takers???

We doubt this will stop anyone taking on a fight with Wolford in the near future, although it’s a pretty unique intimidation tactic. He probably won’t have to worry about anyone taking his back and working for a rear naked choke after this!