Monstrous Grouper Swallows Shark As Fisherman Reel It In



Giant grouper Epinephelus lanceolatus Wallpaper 6707h

Have you ever heard of a Grouper fish? Well, now is the time to learn.

Here we see some asshole fisherman trying to reel in a 4ft Shark. Playing with and teasing it, making it swim in circles and generally enjoying tormenting their catch.

However, while they’re so impressed with their catch, somebody else isn’t.

Meet the Grouper fish. A monstrous sea creature that prior to this, I had no idea about. So I’m grateful to now know there is another predator out there that could eat my whole family in one go.

What’s even more chilling about this little b*stard is that it just looks like general fishtank fodder, only a lot bigger. A LOT bigger.

The Grouper engulfs the shark in one go. The poor guy was made light lunch of. But that’s nature I suppose.

The video is pretty incredible.