Mum With ZERO Balance Ruins Moment By Faceplanting During Daughter’s Proposal

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Mum With ZERO Balance Ruins Moment By Faceplanting During Daughters Proposal faceplant proposal WEB

A mother inadvertently provided a unique and hilarious distraction so this guy could ask her daughter to marry him.

Eva Clark was so caught up in the moment on the shores of Lake Michigan that she accidentally tripped over a rock and fell flat on her face in the middle of her daughter Breanne’s proposal video.

And as his future mother-in-law was lying face down in the sand, this lad decided that there was no more appropriate time to get down on one knee and pop the question to his missus.

Don’t worry though, Breanne said yes and her mother was fine.

Writing on Tastefully Offensive, Bridget Clark, who filmed the video, explained:

Everyone knew the guy in the blue was going to propose to the girl in the pink except for my mom. He wanted to do it on the beach near Lake Michigan because that was one of their first dates. He asked the guy in the black and I to try and distract her so that he could get down on one knee. Little did we know my moms clumsiness would do the distracting naturally! We have waited 7 years for him to propose and my mom didn’t even get to see it since she was face down in the sand. Good thing we had this video for her too see! And yes, she is okay! Nothing got hurt on her except for maybe her ego.

Well, at least Bill Devaney now knows exactly the kind of crazy family he’s marrying into!


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