Naked Times Square Donald Trump ‘Protester’ Is Actually Famous Model

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Naked Times Square Donald Trump Protester Is Actually Famous Model trump1Kieron Curtis | UNILAD

A man in New York who stripped naked and brought yesterday’s rush hour traffic to a standstill has been identified – and he’s actually pretty well known.

As reported by the NY Daily News, 21-year-old international runway model Krit McClean is the man who faced off against police in the nude on top of Times Square’s red staircase.

He is alleged to have been heard shouting ‘Donald Trump, where are you?’ shortly before 8AM yesterday, according to the Daily Mirror.

The well-built model also possesses a highly impressive CV for someone so young. He has walked runways in Manhattan, Milan and Thailand, modeled for Canali, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana.

But he is a bright scholar too, reportedly studying English and literature at Ivy League school, Columbia University.

McClean, who was born in Bangkok before moving to New York, allegedly screamed at a woman before taking off his watch and throwing it at her.

He is then said to have stripped naked in front of the Disney store, scaling the staircase moments later and shouting obscenities at those in the street below.

Johan Marfey, a neighbour of McClean’s parents on Roosevelt Island, said:

He was always well dressed, always looking sporty, in shape. Good-looking kid, very nice … I’m sure there’s something going on that we’re just not aware of.

McClean leapt from the platform but missed a giant inflatable police had placed to break any potential fall. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital but his current condition is not yet known – nor is it known why he was calling for Trump.

Whatever caused the episode, we hope McClean is now safe and in a position to start making a recovery for any mental or physical trauma suffered.


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