Nela Zisser Is Back, Destroys 5 Pound ‘Burritozilla’ In Under Five Minutes

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Nela Zisser Is Back, Destroys 5 Pound Burritozilla In Under Five Minutes burritozilla WEB

You might remember Nela Zisser, the former Miss New Zealand who last week devoured a 2lbs burrito in less than two minutes.

Well, now she’s back and she’s upped the ante. This time she’s stuffed her face with a burrito the size of a man’s arm in less time than it takes to tidy your room.

The 22-year-old shared her latest venture on Youtube, in which she demolished the 5lbs, 18 inch Mexican snack in under five minutes to celebrate how the last video of her eating a burrito went viral. You know, as you do.

If this video gets shared as much as the last one, we dread to think what this girl’s going to eat next!