Never Ask Russell Brand How Much His House Is Worth

By : Sam Ridgway |


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Russell Brand was NOT happy when this news reporter asked him how much his house is worth this week.

The comic is currently standing up for residents of an estate near his home who are currently being threatened with eviction.

He joined hundreds of tenants from the east London estate who marched on Downing Street because of the recent threats of eviction.

But when the reporter turned the tables on Russell and asked him how much his house was worth and how much rent he pays, Brand was having absolutely none of it.

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The British comic goes on to say “I’m not interested in talking to you about my rent mate,” then calls the reporter a “snide”.

A woman then came in to stand up for Russell who was very thankful that he was there supporting them outside 10 Downing street.

The reporter however, was left with nothing else to say, and ended up looking like a bit of a dick. Fair enough though, he handled the interview terribly.