New Footage Shows Moment Gunmen Entered Bataclan And Started Shooting During Paris Attacks

By : Alex Mays |


UNILAD eagles80954PixableVideos/YouTube

Almost two days after horrific tragedy struck the French capital, new footage is shedding light on these brutal attacks…

This new chilling video captures the moment when terrorists entered the venue and began firing at audience members during the Eagles of Death Metal set at the Bataclan concert hall.

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The band were playing to a capacity 1,500 crowd before the horror unfolded and in the video, gunfire can be heard in the middle of one of the bands songs.

The audience and band members begin to realise the devastating situation they are in and some start to scream a the end of the video as the Isis agents moved in.

UNILAD 720x405 nick11790Polina Buckley/Twitter

They killed 89 people in a gun and bomb rampage through the venue, with Nick Alexander, from Colchester, Essex being confirmed as the first Briton to die in the attacks. The 36-year-old veteran merchandise manager was working for the Eagles of Death Metal at the venue.

This piece of footage is one of many released since Paris suffered a series of terrorist attacks across the city on Friday night, killing 129 people.

Harrowing footage also emerged of three people hanging from the second floor of the venue, as dozens of people flee the concert in a mass panic. It also shows several dead or injured people being dragged away from the carnage.

France is currently in its second day of mourning, with cities around the world holding candlelit vigils overnight and lighting up their landmarks to show solidarity against these atrocities.

President Francois Hollande condemned the attacks as “horrifying” and “sickening” and vowed to wage a “merciless” fight against terrorism.