New Shameless Snapchats Prove Marco Pierre White Jr Is Still A C*nt

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Having apparently learned nothing from the whole Big Brother debacle, his court case, and previous Snapchat stories seemingly showing him taking drugs, Marco Pierre White Jr was at it again last night.


The reality TV star and son of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White has once again caused outrage and confirmed himself to be an utter wanker, after filming himself snorting lines of white powder on Snapchat just hours after he bragged ‘cocaine is on the way,’ the Mirror reports.

The whole thing amounted to something of a public breakdown, as Pierre White Jr appeared to snort a bunch of powder and then went on various rants about fame and about his ex-girlfriend Holly Turner.


In the series of Snapchat stories, Marco first wrote: “And the night strats we getting fucking ahit faced [sic],” then “we getting fucked up, cocaine on the way, everything we need,” followed by a simple “cocaine on the way lets get on it do it for the team.”

It’s the kind of story and way with words of which Hemingway would be proud, I’m sure we can agree.

Anyway, later on in the night, while looking suitably blurry eyed in a taxi, Marco launched into the first of several rants.

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First, on fame:

What you got on me? Fuck you. I’m rich, I’m famous, cars, money. Hate me, love me, I don’t give a shit. I’ve got what you wish you had.


Then, it went from bad to worse, as he revealed he’d split from partner Holly, and ranted about her too:

I loved her with every ounce of me, but you know when someone shows their true colours, you know who they are as a person. At the end of the day, you can’t be with someone who said they wished you died.

He later took to Twitter to confirm he’s single in a series of posts, channeling Kanye, writing: “I made that bitch famous,” and adding: “On to the next.”

What a charming individual.

Still, former Big Brother star Laura Carter claimed in an article for the Daily Star today that Marco is better in the sack than Justin Bieber. So he’s got that going for him, at least…