New Show Sees Millennials Ditch Everything, Even Their Clothes

By : Jennifer BrowneTwitterLogo


Channel 4’s new programme Life Stripped Bare is set to reveal all – literally.

The no-clothes-allowed show sees three young households get rid of everything – even their clothes – to see if they can live without possessions.

But, while it might sound like a nice idea, is it really practical? The average Brit checks their phone nearly 100 times a day, after all.

New Show Sees Millennials Ditch Everything, Even Their Clothes vid 5YouTube/Channel 4

Not to mention all the other stuff we use but don’t think about – toothbrushes, soap, a microwave – so would it be possible or feasible to get rid of all our stuff and still live life?

And we’re not talking about moving to the forest, making shelter out of wood and foraging for berries. We’re talking about 2016 Britain – populated, nowhere to hide, still have to go to work and see friends Britain.

The three households in the new Channel 4 show have put this theory to the test, having every single one of their possessions taken away for three weeks and put into storage, the Mirror reports.

Everything that can be lifted and moved out of their home is gone, and they can’t borrow anything. Every day they’re allowed to choose just one item to get back from their storage unit – which they initially have to run to. Naked.

New Show Sees Millennials Ditch Everything, Even Their Clothes vid 3YouTube/Channel 4

So tough decisions will have to be made about which items really matter most.

The brave (or crazy) Brits taking part are twentysomethings Tom, Andrew and Georgia, who live in Cardiff and love to socialise. Thirty-year-old photographers Jon and Laura from Manchester are also taking part, and they’re apparently blessed with having a fair bit of cash, a Mercedes, and the latest, greatest flashy gadgets. Fashion designer Heidi, from East London, who lives her life on social media, also takes part.

Over three episodes we’ll see how they cope with nothing but one item every day. While it’s not clear whether or not they still have to go to work, we’d assume they won’t be risking it. I’m not sure if they’d even still have a job after three weeks of showing up naked.

Either way, considering most of us feel lost without our mobile phones, I have a hunch doing this show was not easy!