New Trailer For Film ‘Unfriended’ Is Pretty Creepy

By : Sam RidgwayTwitterLogo


New Trailer For Film Unfriended Is Pretty Creepy unfriended trailer horror film skype

A new trailer for an upcoming film called ‘Unfriended’ just dropped, and it’s pretty creepy. Especially if you’re a regular Skype user.

The film has been described as “ushering in a new era of horror” and it’s being put out by Universal Pictures.

It’s basically one long Skype conversation between a group of friends. But it takes a turn for the worst when an unknown figure enters the chat using the account of a girl who killed herself years earlier.

The character wants vengeance for what happened in the past, and in the trailer things escalate pretty quickly. We don’t know much more, but it’s out on April 17 and we’ll definitely be catching it!