Nintendo Reveals New Mario And Pokemon Games In Surprise New Video

By : Alex Watt |


new nintendo WEB

Nintendo have revealed a whole heap of upcoming games in a surprise new video, released ahead of the Nintendo World Championships.

The Dr. Mario and Mario/Sonic franchises are getting new entries with ‘Dr. Mario Miracle Cure’ on 3DS, and a 2016 Olympic-themed ‘Mario vs Sonic’ on both 3DS and Wii U.

In addition, there’s a new ‘Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon’ game, a new ‘Bravely Second’ instalment and ‘Little Battlers Experience’, an anime tie-in for the 3DS.

The video comes ahead of the finals of the Nintendo World Championships, which will be streamed live on June 14, and the organisers have already announced that ‘The Legend of Zelda’ for the NES will be one of the 15 games played.

What with these Nintendo announcements, plus Fallout 4 being revealed yesterday, June has been quite the exciting month for gamers!


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