NOPE: Dr Pimple Popper Releases ‘Best Of’ Spot Squeezing Compilation Video

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NOPE: Dr Pimple Popper Releases Best Of Spot Squeezing Compilation Video pimple popper FBYouTube/Dr Sandra Lee

It turns out Dr Pimple Popper’s infamous NOPE-fest spot squeezing YouTube videos have been grossing viewers out for a full decade now.

So what better way to celebrate ten years of gruesome spot squeezing, than a compilation video of the ‘best’ moments from Dr Sandra Lee’s time as a dermatologist?

To mark reaching one million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Lee posted ’50 Shades of DrPimplePopper’, a 20 minute journey of grimness.

It all starts off quite tame but, trust us, this thing escalates very quickly. Only those with strong stomachs should give this one a watch!

And, look, we know that people really enjoy these videos but the sexual connotations of the title does concern us a little bit. Does spot popping actually excite people that much?

And, if the ‘best of’ video hasn’t fulfilled all your grim pimple popping needs, why not check out the good doctor’s April Fools’ Day special, featuring some of the best outtakes from her work.

Here’s to another ten years of pimple popping, we guess…